Spec Home Purchase
4615 N. 23rd Street, Arlington
Project Date: September 2016

Pierce, wanted to drop a shout note to say thank you and convey how positive it was to work with you and your group. Will did a terrific job with the orientation and punch list. Leigh Ann was super as we were working through the settlement document deadline. I am hopeful there will be an opportunity to work on another transaction.All the best, Bob H.

Bob H. - Lettter Received 9-22-16

Spec Home Purchase
Project Date: December 2015

The Classic Cottages team was excellent to work with and we would highly recommend them. Their homes are beautifully design and very well constructed with attention to detail. Ever member of their team from the VP of Sales, Architect, Site Superintend, and President were extremely responsive, professional, and went the extra mile to address questions or issues. Since we entered into a contract on our house when it was about 85% completed, they were extremely flexible and thoughtful in making decisions on items that we could customize. Most importantly, throughout the whole process we felt they were very knowledgeable, fair, open, and honest.

Growavillage - Reviewed on Houzz 12/30/2015

Spec Home Purchase
1810 N. Cleveland Street, Arlington
Project Date: January 2015

We were searching for a single-family home in Arlington that blended a modern, open-concept layout with some traditional rooms (like a formal dining room) as well. We called Pierce Tracy of Classic Cottages because we thought their homes suited our needs, and we met him him and their architect at one of their completed homes. They were both incredibly professional and friendly, and though we liked the home we saw, we were looking for a home in a different neighborhood. Pierce told us that they were completing a new-build in our desired neighborhood, and they took us on a hard-hat tour. Although the house was only 70% complete at the time we saw it we knew new that it was going to be a beautiful house, and we put in an offer right away.

The completed house is even better than what we expected. It is thoughtfully designed with a sense of elegance and functionality. The quality of the finishes, and the workmanship are impeccable. We've toured other new-build open houses in our neighborhood, and we've noticed that the quality of the work done in our house is superior to any of the other homes we have seen. From a design perspective, they manage to blend some modern design elements with a timeless look, and even though our house is large, none of the rooms feel out of scale and everything feels cozy.

We also incredibly happy with our relationship with Classic Cottages. They have been very responsive when there were issues at our 3-month and 11-month walk-thru. It's always a pleasure meeting with Evan and Rocky when they bring their team to fix those minor issues. Every day we feel lucky that we live in a Classic Cottages home, and highly recommend them to anyone.

Subir Puri - Reviewed on Houzz 11/22/2015

Spec Home Purchase
2205 S. Monroe Street, Arlington
Project Date: May 2015

We love our Classic Cottages home in Arlington, VA! Their team goes above and beyond and truly wants the best for their homeowners. The quality of the home is top notch! I highly recommend working with them on your future home.

Summer & Matthew Bravo - Reviewed on Facebook – 9/21/15

Business Colleague

I have worked for Classic Cottages since March of 2011 staging their beautiful homes. I love seeing all the beautiful, up to date finishes that have been chosen by them and the interesting floor-plans they come up with. They put a lot of thought and care into each of their homes and it shows. The quality of their work is outstanding.

Stephanie Kelley @ Refined Designs - Reviewed on Houzz – 7/13/2015

Spec Home Purchase
5031 N. 25th Street, Arlington
Project Date: May 2015

We purchased a new construction home from Classic Cottages in May 2015. The house is gorgeous – the quality of the construction and the design details are top notch and we could not be happier with our home. Plus, from the first time we toured the house (about 2 months before it would be finished) until today (a few weeks after we closed), everyone at Classic Cottages has been a true pleasure to work with – from the owner of the company, to the finance office, to the folks in the field, to their contractors.

Per our request, there were a few aesthetic details to be finished after we moved in, and everyone has been courteous and thoughtful in finishing things up. It became clear to us pretty quickly that the personal relationship with Classic Cottages does not stop at closing – since we closed, Classic Cottages has been gracious and patient in helping us learn everything about the house and provide any assistance when we’ve needed it.

Two sets of our new neighbors have even told us how professional and respectful of the neighborhood that Classic Cottages was during the construction of our house. Classic Cottages is a class act and we highly recommend them.

Rachael & Howard Entman / reh2015 - Reviewed on Houzz – 6/12/2015

Spec Home Purchase
2203 S. Monroe Street, Arlington
Project Date: May 2015

We purchased our first home with Classic Cottages and we couldn’t be happier! Our special thanks to Pierce who patiently worked with us the entire time. The house is gorgeous and we love every detail. We recently had our housewarming and our friends gushed at how beautiful the house is. We will definitely look to Classic Cottages first for the purchase of our next home.

Sheila Abana & Jonathan Sang / sheila_abana - Reviewed on Houzz – 9/16/15

Business Colleague

Ronnie Poe gave excellent service and really knows his stuff when it comes to home renovation. His subs were excellent as well.

EcoNize Closets - Reviewed on Houzz – 3/16/2015

Design+Build Project
1728 S. Oakland Street, Arlington
Project Date: October 2014

Classic Cottages recently completed a total renovation of our house from the foundation up with an exceptional level of quality. The renovation was completed in a timely manner while even meeting our requests for change orders. The architect and design staff listened well and were very creative in interpreting what we wanted. Additionally, while we felt that our input was very welcomed, we truly appreciated the recommendations and explanations regarding several aspects of the design from practical perspectives that we had not considered, rather than simply doing what we asked.

As construction started, Classic Cottages seemed to oversee our project with the same level of thoughtfulness and care that he would in his own home in terms of identifying enhancements and making adjustments as the project progressed; in essence, Classic Cottages not only did what he said he was going to do but even more.

With respect to the sub-contractors, the field superintendents did an exceptional job of coordinating the work of numerous tradesmen so that there was very minimal down time. Quality control during the course of construction was excellent; for example, 90% of the items that we noted for attention were addressed by Classic Cottages before we even mentioned them.

Classic Cottages well exceeded our expectations; in fact, Classic Cottages will be the first company that we will consider for our next new home or renovation as well as the company that we will highly recommend to others.

James & Wanda Younger - Reviewed on Houzz – 12/31/2014

Business Colleague

I have been working with Classic Cottages for many years now and they are always a pleasure to work with. When viewing a home that Classic Cottages have built you can see the high attention to detail and level of quality everywhere you look. I would highly recommend Classic Cottages for the design, and development of one's new home.

Carl Bruce @ StruXture Photography - Reviewed on Houzz – 8/24/2014

Spec Home Purchase
2453 Kenwood Street, Arlington
Project Date: April 2014

It has been a pleasure to have Classic Cottages as the builder of our home. They have been responsive and helpful whenever an issue has arisen. They value customer service and strive to keep their buyers happy. We feel we are in good hands having purchased our home from them.

Brandon & Marianne Gray / mes_82 - Reviewed on Houzz – 4/17/15

Major Home Remodel
Project Date: February 2013

Ronnie Poe gave excellent service and really know his stuff when it comes to home renovation. His subs were excellent as well.

Cathy Morper - Reviewed on Houzz – 2/18/2014

Spec Home Purchase
Project Date: January 2014

It’s like living in a dream home.

Johnny Suh - Reviewed on Facebook 1/7/2014

Design+Build Project
5665 N. 8th Road, Arlington
Project Date: March 2013

Great company to work with, from top to bottom. Everyone from the CEO to the on-site workers seem like they always have the customer’s best interests at heart. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in building a house. Having heard horror stories from friends about builders that failed to deliver, Classic Cottages was deadline-focused and met every single one.

Jonathan & Becca Moss - Reviewed on Houzz – 1/13/2014

Business Colleague

The attention to detail and pride that the builder puts in to each and every project is unparalleled.

Keri Shull @ The Keri Shull Team, Optime Realty - Reviewed on Facebook – 8/11/2013

Home Remodel
1703 S. Oakland Street, Arlington
Project Date: July 2013

Overall with everything considered, our experience was very positive. The design of the house was very tricky given the angled foundation and Arlington setback requirements and codes. Classic Cottage was awesome to work with. Their design and style were impeccable and they cared about our interests and gave us ample opportunity to provide input.

Ron Poe is an exceptional foreman and provides first class customer service. Classic’s whole company was professional and great with us. I really felt that our house (unfortunately for us) was an anomaly for Classic. I had checked several of their previous projects and all of the finish work was top-notch.

Classic and in particular David Tracy (the company head) was very honorable and easy to to work with. They followed up on projects after the sale and kept their word on completing work and customer service. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

John & Sharron Germany - Reviewed on Houzz – 5/22/2014

Major Home Remodel

The attention to detail and pride that the builder puts in to each and every project is unparalleled.

John McKelvey - Reviewed on Facebook 2013

Home Addition
804 S. Ode Street, Arlington

I love my place in South Arlington. They did a fantastic job without the issues my neighbors have!

Joshua Richter - Reviewed on Facebook 2013

Spec Home Purchase
Project Date: September 2011

I purchased a beautiful home that Classic Cottages sold me! I love the details and quality of my home. I’ve lived here 2 years! After I moved in I needed some help with paint colors used on the house and Classic Cottages was there for me!”

Jennifer Fanning - Reviewed on Houzz – 2/25/2014

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