Do You Need Cash Quickly?


Lose your job? Have the bills just piled up and you need some relief? Mortgage payments, real estate tax bills, utilities, etc.

We understand how unfortunate things can happen quickly in life that can put you into a jam financially. Get cash now from a well-respected home builder in Northern Virginia, not a home flipper looking to take advantage of you! We can close as quickly as in 10 days, and if you qualify, we can also give you up to $10,000 before settlement!

Having Trouble Selling Your Home?


Have you had your home listed with a realtor before and just couldn’t get it sold? Think about it, why would you pay a realtor 6% in commission for a transaction that takes forever? Classic Cottages can sell your home fast with no commissions! When using a realtor, the process can take several months maybe longer. After it does not sell, you may feel misled by the agent. Having your house listed with thousands of others is not the most efficient way of selling your house!

Are You Having Tenant Issues?


At Classic Cottages, we know all about having a bad tenant! Tired of checking the mailbox for that overdue rent check? Are you fed up with the condition that the tenant leaves your property in? We know all about these struggles and how to deal with them!

We can make you a quick and hassle-free offer on your problem rental in Virginia today. You can get the cash that you deserve and leave the tenant to us to handle!

Does Your Home Need Significant Repairs?


Why can we offer top dollar for your property even if it isn’t in great shape? Do you need to sell your house in Arlington, Alexandria, or Fairfax Virginia, also in Maryland or DC but are nervous about not getting a great deal since it needs major repairs?

Why can we pay more than the competition? We add value through our construction process and restore your home to a new beautiful condition. Know that you are doing right by your neighbors and sell to a company that is well-respected in the area and one that you can trust. Classic Cottages buys your damaged home hassle-free and fast!

If you sell your home to someone else, you may be exposed to liability if these issues have not been disclosed properly. Or you may be worried about a potential buyer walking away from the deal. Or not getting the offer you wanted after this information has been disclosed. The great thing about Classic Cottages is that when you sell us your home in Northern Virginia with damage to it, you are cleared of all liability.

Did You Inherit Property?


What do you do when you inherit a home from a relative, but you have your own life and home to manage already? Are you not sure on how to sell your home that you inherited in Virginia? Don’t go to a realtor, cut out the middleman and sell your home to Classic Cottages. We buy houses in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax, VA, that you have inherited and can pay more than the competition!

When a house has been inherited as part of an estate, it can be difficult to manage. The majority of our purchases in Northern Virginia over the last few years have been through probate, so we are very familiar with the process. We live and work in the same neighborhood your home is, so you can feel comfortable that you are getting market value for your home.

Sell your home to Classic Cottages and know that you have been taken care of. We know that this can be a difficult time and our flexibility with closing makes our clients as comfortable as possible. We can close the sale of your inherited home fast in Northern Virginia, in 10 days! Or we can close in 6 months and anything in-between, whichever time frame fits your needs.

Do You Need To Relocate Quickly?


Did you just receive a new exciting job offer? A job transfer can signal great things for your future. However, the process of relocating you and your family can be overwhelming! Classic Cottages has a great reputation in Northern Virginia with families relocating.

The hard truth about relocation for a new job is that it normally forces you to move fast. Unfortunately, selling your home using a real estate agent doesn’t always move as fast as you would like. This could delay you beginning your new exciting career, or have you stuck with 2 house payments.

Classic Cottages specializes in buying houses fast! We will give you a fair offer on your house in Virginia and we can close in as little as 7 days.

Classic Cottages may be interested in making you a no-obligation offer to purchase your home or property.

Selling your property to Classic Cottages has many advantages over listing with a realtor and all of them save you time and money. Want to find out more?

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