July 18, 2017

Blue+White Kitchen

BREATH deeply and repeat these words: blue and white. Simple, yet striking. What images come to mind? What feelings do you invite in? It goes without saying that these colors create a cool yet welcoming contrast to any home. Blue and white may be just colors; however, they also have timeless symbols that we associate with every day. Our Marketing Coordinator captures the blue and white trend in her own home as it reminds her of the summers she spent with her family on the coast of Massachusetts in Cape Cod. Over the years, she collected and inherited blue and white décor from their coastal cottage and charming, quaint coastal towns. For her, these items and the rooms to which they call home aren’t simple at all. The colors themselves allow her to relax and escape to a time before. Inspired by the blue and white scenic New England coast as well as other popular travel destinations like Santorini, Greece, our team at Classic Cottages ae always traveling the map looking at new ways to bring the beautiful, bright outdoors inside.


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